Madison start-up EatStreet raises $6 million from investors

Author: Kathleen Gallagher
Publication: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Date: April 7, 2014


EatStreet Inc., a Madison company that supplies restaurants with software for handling online orders, has raised $6 million from outside investors in its latest funding round.

That brings the total amount the company has raised from outside investors to $8.65 million, said Matt Howard, EatStreet co-founder and chief executive.

EatStreet will use the money to enhance features on its iPhone and Android apps, improve its online food court, build mobile-optimized websites for customers and pioneer new digital marketing initiatives. An online food court allows people to type an address and find restaurants near them.

“I want to prove to the country that you can grow a very successful start-up here in Wisconsin,” Howard said.

New investors in the funding round are CSA Partners, the fund started by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, and Silicon Valley Bank.

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