These are the ten start-ups that Microsoft is betting on for home automation

Author: Dilraj Singh
Publication: WinBeta
Date: August 14, 2014


Microsoft’s plans of futuristic homes come closer as the tech giant names the 10 start-ups participating in its home-automation accelerator that it announced this past June. These start-ups are:Chai Energy, Heatworks Model 1, Neura, Novi Security, Reemo, Plum, Red Balloon Security, Scanalytics,Sentri, and Wallflowr.

This venture accelerator is part of a larger picture in Microsoft’s vision. The tech giant has recently bought id8 Group R2 Studios, whose technologies are speculated to be integrated into Xbox, and the living room vision that Microsoft has shown glimpses of. Additionally, there are in-house research projects such as the HomeOS aimed at home automation.

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