The Story of Connectivity Told by a Christmas Tree

Author: Frank Cavallaro
Date: December 23, 2014


If your smartphone in the near future displays competitive pricing information of the product that you have stopped to eye in more detail, chances are you have stepped onto the SoleSensor, an intelligent floor mat by Scanalytics. The mat measures foot traffic down to each individual step. To quote the company, “SoleSensor evolves the physical world into a virtual space with predictive patterns and thresholds.”

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5 Internet of Things startups to watch

Author: Conner Forrest
Date: October 22, 2014


5. Scanalytics

Scanalytics wants to make physical spaces part of the Internet of Things, and it is part of Microsoft’s new Internet of Things accelerator. The company’s flagship product is an intelligent floor mat called the SoleSensor, which measures foot traffic. It works like a touch screen for the floor and the company claims that it can measure 100% of foot traffic in an area, down to each individual step. The potential for the enterprise is huge, especially in retail, because SoleSensor can measure what part of the store customers are frequenting and even connect with other devices to prompt actions based on customer behavior.

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These are the ten start-ups that Microsoft is betting on for home automation

Author: Dilraj Singh
Publication: WinBeta
Date: August 14, 2014


Microsoft’s plans of futuristic homes come closer as the tech giant names the 10 start-ups participating in its home-automation accelerator that it announced this past June. These start-ups are:Chai Energy, Heatworks Model 1, Neura, Novi Security, Reemo, Plum, Red Balloon Security, Scanalytics,Sentri, and Wallflowr.

This venture accelerator is part of a larger picture in Microsoft’s vision. The tech giant has recently bought id8 Group R2 Studios, whose technologies are speculated to be integrated into Xbox, and the living room vision that Microsoft has shown glimpses of. Additionally, there are in-house research projects such as the HomeOS aimed at home automation.

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9 hot startup accelerators

Author: Jennifer Alsever
Publication: CNN Money
Date: January 21, 2014


Scanalytics: Software and flooring mats that track people’s movement in stores, trade shows and events, and offer suggestions to boost sales. It’s landed several big contracts and has $600,000 in investment.

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Tracking Your Trade Show: New ways to evaluate and improve your meeting

Author: Michael C. Lowe
Publication: Meetings and Conventions
Date: August 01, 2013


For show organizers interested in tracking attendee movement in specific areas, Madison, Wis.-based Scanalytics has created pressure-sensitive floor mats that can determine if someone is standing on them and for how long. FreemanXP recently used the floor-sensing technology to determine if attendees at a health-care association’s annual meeting were using pricey touchscreen kiosks to help them find sessions or locate areas around the convention center. The association had created a mobile app for the meeting and wanted to know if the kiosks were worth the expense.

The answer was an overwhelming yes. Not only were the kiosks getting five or six times more hits than organizers thought, some kiosks were so popular that they were never unoccupied for more than two minutes at a time.

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