CSA Partners

9 hot startup accelerators

Author: Jennifer Alsever
Publication: CNN Money
Date: January 21, 2014


Scanalytics: Software and flooring mats that track people’s movement in stores, trade shows and events, and offer suggestions to boost sales. It’s landed several big contracts and has $600,000 in investment.

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McDonald’s finds its sound for Winter Olympics push

Author: Sebastian Joseph
Publication: Marketing Week
Date: January 21, 2014


It is soundtracked by New Zealand hip-hop group The Wyld, who were selected through a creative workshop hosted music-licensing agency Music Dealers. McDonald’s is said to be driving further engagement around the commissioned track through apps, downloads of different mixes, social media around the band and dedicated landing pages, according to the music business.

Additional workshops between Music Dealers and McDonald’s are being planned for the months after the Games. It signals a more strategic use of music for the business, which has not attempted a move on this scale since it launched its “I’m Lovin It” strapline” in 2003 in partnership with singer Justin Timberlake.

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Review Trackers Announces Partnership with Profitect at Retail’s #NRF14 BIG Sho

Publication: ReviewTrackers.com
Date: January 13, 2014


Here at Review Trackers we have always been committed to helping businesses gather important consumer-generated data and intelligence. That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce our new partnership with Profitect, a profit amplification solution provider for retail.

What does this partnership mean? Well, to begin with, it means that Review Trackers – together with Profitect – will be able to launch a unified review tracking solution for retailers. Profitect’s Mobile Field Application is now newly integrated with the Review Trackers platform, enabling users to more effectively collect, scale, manage, and analyze their online review data.

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Abele pushes for focus on startup culture

Author: Samantha Nash
Publication: WisBusiness.com
Date: January 10, 2014


“One thing I really want to focus on is, we make sure we never mistake the flash and the fluff for the substance,” said Abele. “The worst you can do is have a big flashy announcement at the beginning and have some burnouts at the end, because all that does is diminish the investment community.”

“When we do have something be excited about, and we do in the startup community, we need to talk about it,” said Abele.

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Chicago startup Review Trackers gets a boot-camp-style acceleration

Author: Ellen Jean Hirst
Publication: Chicago Tribune
Date: January 8, 2014


Chicago-based startup Review Trackers has embarked on a mentor-driven accelerator boot camp, courtesy of Milwaukee-based gener8tor.

Review Trackers, which describes itself as a “simple yet powerful online review monitoring platform for multi-location businesses,” was among five businesses chosen to participate in gener8tor’s 12-week course meant to help accelerate promising young companies.

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Wisconsin start-ups attracting investors

Author: Kathleen Gallagher
Publication: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Date: January 4, 2014


Having more eyes on the scene will help it grow more sophisticated, said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, who founded CSA Partners LLC, a venture capital firm that has as one of its goals bringing more companies to the area.

“The more competent the people who are looking, the harder it’s going to be to get by with flash and fluff,” Abele said. “There will be a higher demand for substance and results.”

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How To Get More Positive Reviews

Author: TJ McCue
Publication: Forbes.com
Date: December 13, 2013


Are You Aware Of Your Online Reputation?

The technology to monitor and track online reviews is affordable and easily accessible. Online review monitoring tools such as ReviewTrackers.com are easy to use. I think the $29/month for Review Trackers is a bargain, but if not; you can use Google Alerts to monitor the web for mentions of their business name, products and/or key people – for free. One of my favorite tools is a site called: KnowEm which lets you search for your name or your brand across just about every social network on the planet.

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Tracking Your Trade Show: New ways to evaluate and improve your meeting

Author: Michael C. Lowe
Publication: Meetings and Conventions
Date: August 01, 2013


For show organizers interested in tracking attendee movement in specific areas, Madison, Wis.-based Scanalytics has created pressure-sensitive floor mats that can determine if someone is standing on them and for how long. FreemanXP recently used the floor-sensing technology to determine if attendees at a health-care association’s annual meeting were using pricey touchscreen kiosks to help them find sessions or locate areas around the convention center. The association had created a mobile app for the meeting and wanted to know if the kiosks were worth the expense.

The answer was an overwhelming yes. Not only were the kiosks getting five or six times more hits than organizers thought, some kiosks were so popular that they were never unoccupied for more than two minutes at a time.

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