Music Dealers

Why Big Brands Use Indie Artists

Author: Steve Olenski
Date: January 15, 2015


And the company that helps facilitate the use of indie artists with some of the biggest brands in the world is Music Dealers, who not all that long ago, proudly announced that they had earned over $15 Million for independent artists all over the world.

“The awe inspiring aspect of this achievement is that before Music Dealers many of these artists did not have a foot in the door, let alone a significant source of revenue,” says Eric Sheinkop, CEO of Music Dealers.

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The Caribbean Music Summit Announces Keynote Speakers

Publication: PRWEB
Date: December 23, 2014


The Caribbean Music Summit, a three-day music and entertainment event taking place on 1-3 February 2015, at the Hilton Barbados, announced today the addition of Joe Belliotti, Head of Global Music Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and Eric Sheinkop, CEO of Music Dealers, as keynote speakers.

“As the music industry adapts to an era of unprecedented change, the collaboration of Coca-Cola with emerging talent has provided artists with meaningful resources to develop their careers, hone their craft and share their art with new fans across the world,” said Eric Sheinkop, CEO, Music Dealers. “This partnership adds tremendous value for the artist and the brand simultaneously.”

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Your Brand Hear: How Music Agencies of Record are Shaping the Sonic Identities of the World’s Top Trademarks

Author: Eric Sheinkop
Date: June 30, 2014


Music Dealers is the first company to be appointed Music Agency of Record for some of the world’s most respected and creative brands. Earlier this year, The Coca-Cola Company introduced Music Dealers to 142 of their above-the-line creative agencies around the world. This move came after Music Dealers worked with Coke’s global brand teams to identify the right music to properly reflect the personalities of the brands. Fanta looks and tastes the same everywhere in the world, but the sound of the brand has come down to the personal taste of the local team. We needed a way to create more consistency and use every opportunity we have to create strong connections with consumers.

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Here Are Chicago’s 11 Best Music Tech Startups and Innovations

Author: Will Flanagan
Publication: Chicago Inno
Date: June 14, 2014


Music Dealers is an innovative licensing solution that connects musicians to advertising agencies, creating new opportunities for emerging artists while enhancing a brand’s work through curated, genuine content. CEO and Co-Founder Eric Sheinkop was also just named to the Techweek 100, Techweek’s annual list of notable names in tech, for the second year in a row.

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McDonald’s finds its sound for Winter Olympics push

Author: Sebastian Joseph
Publication: Marketing Week
Date: January 21, 2014


It is soundtracked by New Zealand hip-hop group The Wyld, who were selected through a creative workshop hosted music-licensing agency Music Dealers. McDonald’s is said to be driving further engagement around the commissioned track through apps, downloads of different mixes, social media around the band and dedicated landing pages, according to the music business.

Additional workshops between Music Dealers and McDonald’s are being planned for the months after the Games. It signals a more strategic use of music for the business, which has not attempted a move on this scale since it launched its “I’m Lovin It” strapline” in 2003 in partnership with singer Justin Timberlake.

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